Elif Çağlar studied Jazz Composition at Istanbul Bilgi University. She released an album with her "Roxy Music Days" winner band "Bagdat Avenue" named "1-10". In 2006, she went to New York to get her Master's Degree in Jazz Performance in Queens College, The Aaron Copland School of Music where she studied with the legendary jazz vocalist Sheila Jordan and graduated from the program with an award. Çağlar performed at many festivals including International Istanbul Jazz Festival, 22. Akbank Jazz Festival, 38.Bratislava Jazz Days, 3. Pristina Jazz Festival, 2012 One Love Festival, 2013 Luxembourg Autumn Leaves Jazz Festival, 24. Blues Festival (Turkey) Her first cd "M-U-S-I-C" by Nu-Dc Records is a first in Turkish music history, with all original compositions ( in English) and arrangements written by a female jazz vocalist. In November 2013, Çağlar was also featured in "Blues ile Birlikte Hayata/ With Blues to Life" album along with Chicago's blues masters Jimmy Burns and Katherine Davis. While working on her 2nd album, Çağlar has released a single with 2 original Turkish compositions named "Hafif Batı Müziği". She won the title "The Best Jazz Musician" twice at the 11. and 13. Radyo Boğaziçi Music Awards. Her latest album titled "Misfit" featuring renowned jazz musicians Aaron Parks, Harish Raghavan and Eric Harland, has been released in May, 2015. Her latest album "The Art of Time" that has been released in February 2018, features Turkey's well known jazz musicians Çağrı Sertel, Volkan Hürsever and Ediz Hafızoğlu.

"M-U-S-I-C" (nu-Dc Records, 2011)
"Misfit" (nu-Dc Records, 2015)
"The Art of Time" (nu-DC Records, 2018)

"Hafif Batı Müziği" (Nu-Dc Records, 2014)

Special Projects:
Bagdat Avenue "1-10" (Doğulu Production, 2002) 
Jimmy Burns, Katherine Davis&Elif Çağlar, Blues ile Birlikte Hayata (Pozitif, 2013)

Electronic Project:
Mrs.ELO "Everyone with Everything" (nu-DC Records, 2016)

As a guest:
Ezra Weiss "Get Happy" (Roark Records, 2007)
Ceza, "Onuncu Köy" (Esen Müzik, 2010)
Various Artists, Made in Turkey Vol.7 (Lola's World Records, 2013)
Selen Gülün, "Başka" (Lin Records, 2013)
Ediz Hafızoğlu "Nazdrave" (Lin Records, 2014)
Offlines Project by Yinon Muallem & Guy Mintus (Ahenk Music, 2015)
Selen Gülün, "Kadınlar Matinesi" (A.K.Müzik, 2017)
Ediz Hafızoğlu, "Nazdrave 13" (Lin Records, 2018)
Gürol Ağırbaş, "Bas Şarkıları 3" (Ada Müzik, 2018)
Ah!Kosmos, "Beautiful Swamp" (Compost Records, 2018)